Flying Shear

The Flying shear is an optional extra on Hayes Single level Rollformers it eliminates the need for the rollformer to stop for each cut, increasing production speed. The flying shear is mounted on an extended chassis using a linear bearing track, a carriage supports the shear. The shear is powered by an electric motor and linkage system, the compact design eliminates the need for a hydraulic powerpack and is equipped with the same replaceable thru-hardened D2 steel blades you will find on all Hayes Guillotines. The flying shear is capable of a minimum sheet length of 1.8m at a 60m per/minute (200ft per/minute) line speed, this is accomplished by a servo motor/drive combination which allows the shear to match speed with the outgoing sheet before cutting, the cut sheet is then dropped onto a belt driven accelerator table to provide a gap between completed sheets and fed onto a runout table or other onsite solution. The Hayes Flying shear is available only on single level rollforming lines and coil widths of 940mm to 1250mm.





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