Hayes International was started back in 1960 by Tom Hayes. Tom was a born engineer. As a young lad of 10 years old, Tom built morse code sets for the school during WW2, using cut strips of old tobacco tins, cotton reels, bits of wood, copper wire from old car horns, Torch bulbs and batteries.

After Tom left school he worked in a bakery, fish and chip shop, for a boat maker and helped out a motor mechanic. At 17 Tom decided he wanted a motorcar and so he started collecting parts – axles, springs, a body, chassis, radiator etc. 6 months later, Tom had built himself a motorcar at a total cost of 6 weeks wages, £6. The car was nice but after a year, Tom saw greater potential in owning a truck. So back to the garage he went! Bigger back axle, wheels etc. and Tom had his truck. Tom managed to secure a fencing contract in a new housing village in Minginui that proved very profitable. 12 months later Tom returned to Rotorua, operating machinery in a timber yard. While working there, he developed and used his new system laying timber flooring for houses called the End Matcher, saving 25% in costs by using the new tongue and groove system instead of nailing over joists. Tom rented a spare shed from the timber yard and started his own manufacture and repair business. The beginnings of Hayes International was born and with it, the motto “We make anything”. And back in those days, we did! Forklifts, sawmills, log handling equipment, conveyor systems even parking meter straighteners! Along the way we were asked to make a rollformer.

Rollformers are machines that take a flat metal usually steel coil and run it through a series of rotating forming stations to form a profile. The steel is then cut to length to produce the finished product. Corrugated iron is the most easily recognized product produced by rollforming.

In July 1999, Tom Hayes sold Hayes International to the Bradbury Group. The Bradbury group is a corporation based in Kansas USA that started in 1959 and began by operating a roll-formed products division and by manufacturing roll tooling for customers involved in metal forming. Today, the Bradbury Group consists of The Bradbury Co., American Machine & Rollform tech, Beck Automation LLC., Hayes International, Marion Die & Fixture, Custom Rollforming Corp., Bradbury U.K., Bradbury Group Australia, Metform International Ltd., Alliance Machine & Engraving LLC, Athader S.L., Bradbury Group Pu.Ma., And Bradbury Metal Tile Roofing Solutions. To extend its international reach, Group sales offices also include Bradbury Russia, Bradbury India, Bradbury Mexico as well as agents worldwide.

Today Hayes International manufactures Rollformers and associated metal working equipment. 95% of our product is exported and sold to over 80 countries around the world.